Where Boils are a way of life and Bayou Crawfish Tables makes things easier on you.

Crawfish Tables

All of my tables are built to last if taken care of as well as hold enough Crawfish to entertain many people. Large tables  are 7 feet in length and will seat 12 people. More people can be squeezed in if you were to stand. All tables are coated with a clear coat to protect the paint. These tables are great because all the waste goes in the garbage as you eat. Therefore clean up is a breeze. Pick up the unfinished Crawfish. Tip the table over and hose off. Say goodbye to cardboard boxes and messy newspapers. Who has time for Crawfish platters when all you need are two hands and a mouth.

You might ask how strong are these tables? Well that's 230lbs of weight at its weakest point the middle.  As you can see the table hasn't even begun to bow. Please don't test my design out by putting a small or large human on the table.

All tables have detachable legs.

There are many crawfish tables out there so why should you buy mine. Well, my tables have a better design and construction.  Higher rails so that the crawfish will not fall off the table or go down the garbage chute. All the tables have legs. Most tables out there use 55 gallon drums as its support system. Who has that lying around the house. Other tables may use regular garbage cans but the problem with that are those garbage cans are unsteady and too low to the ground.With my tables all you need is a garbage bag and some clips. You clip the garbage bag to the hole rails and when it fills up you remove it and replace it with a new one. Also all my tables have a lot more wood to them which makes the table very stable.




Large Table 38" x 84"

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This wood bench will compliment my large tables nicely. It is the same length as the large table and perfect height.This is  not your lightweight bench and has very strong construction. Comes in a natural finish to age with the weather. Built with treated wood for long life.

I no longer offer the small tables because lack of sales. Besides you can purchase a larger table for just a little more. The small tables remain pictured on the website to give you an idea of some of the designs available. Also, if you have a large group of people the small table will not accommodate everyone.